Svensson Harmony trial results at Sunridge Nurseries

Svensson Harmony trial results at Sunridge Nurseries
Michael Vietti works as Director of Quality at Sunridge Nurseries. Courtesy of svensson

“Talk to the professionals and try something new,” he says. “Slowly transition by doing side-by-side trials. Start with just one bay and see how it goes,” he adds. When the Svensson Harmony trial results were in and Michael Vietti realized the hunch had paid off, he decided he didn’t want to keep what he’d learned to himself.

“We never really thought we would see a 7–10-day reduction in cropping time. This has almost doubled the growth cycles and increased crop quality” he says. “If you have an increased even light spread at the beginning of the crop cycle that penetrates the crop canopy, this also cuts down on a number of issues such as crop loss due to disease, and additional labor,” he says. The scattered light penetration the Harmony provides has been especially beneficial when you are limited to closely placed crop spacing "he says.

Vietti works as Director of Quality at Sunridge Nurseries. This is a flagship vine propagation company since 1977 and has grown to be one of the largest suppliers of a mass variety of grapevine starters in the U.S.

Working on what will be his last year in the business, Michael says he feels he owes a lot to the greenhouse sector.

“I feel a responsibility to the industry and to other growers,” he says. “I want to share what I’ve learned through trialing new ideas... You can’t get the results we have seen with the standard shade curtains” he adds.

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