Prepping greenhouses with efficient heating solutions

Prepping greenhouses with efficient heating solutions

Commercial greenhouses are very common in the United States and can be a lucrative venture. In fact, according to Business Wire, it has been estimated that there are more than 8,750 greenhouse vegetable farms present in the USA with many projects and expansions occurring under the radar. The market is expected to witness robust growth by 2027. The same report went on to say that a shortage of agricultural land across the region is boosting the demand for greenhouse farming.

With consumers demanding a variety of produce year-round, commercial greenhouses are extremely important to the economy. Greenhouses enable farmers to grow and produce fruits and vegetables throughout the year without the need to worry about the climate. During the winter, it is necessary for these individuals to grow their crops indoors to protect them from cold temperatures.

With winter on the horizon, it is important for commercial greenhouse owners to begin prepping for the seasonal shift. There are various tips that help ensure your winter growing season is efficient and successful.

Install An Efficient Unit Heater

One necessity for commercial greenhouses is a heating source. While there are various options for providing heat to the space, unit heaters will provide a permanent, efficient heating solution to your greenhouse. Efficient unit heaters not only help keep a few extra dollars in the budget, but it also dramatically lowers CO2 emissions. Products like the Effinity™ High-Efficiency Commercial Gas-Fired Unit Heater operate at up to 97% thermal efficiency thanks to the coupling of the secondary heat exchanger technology with a tubular primary heat exchanger design. By venting combustion fumes outside and away from the plants, high-efficiency units like the Effinity™ promote a clean air growing environment.

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Source: Jamie Tuinstra, Product Manager at Modine Manufacturing




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