Make greenhouse maintenance mandatory

Make greenhouse maintenance mandatory

Preventive maintenance will keep your greenhouses in good operating condition. Now is a good time to review your maintenance schedule.

A good maintenance program anticipates problems and takes action to minimize their occurrence. Maintenance should include a thorough inspection and any corrective action needed to keep the structures and equipment in good operating condition. Cleaning and tidying up the greenhouse can save money and increase energy efficiency. The following checklist identifies the major areas:

Greenhouse frame

Inspect diagonal frame bracing to see that it is in place and tight. This bracing is important to prevent racking of the frame and the loosening of the glazing.

  • Tighten collar tie and truss bolts. These loosen from expansion and contraction due to heat and movement of the structure in the wind.
  • Inspect the gutters. Clean leaves and debris from gutters and downspouts. Caulk any joints that may be leaking water with a gutter caulk. Inspect for rust. Wire brush and coat these areas with a cold galvanizing spray or asphalt coating.


Light is usually the limiting factor in plant growth during the winter. The glazing should be clean.

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