Lower the initial costs of curtains and infrared film

Lower the initial costs of curtains and infrared film

Improving your greenhouse facility is much easier with financing options and rebates. It is even better when there are multiple ways to pay for projects and the rebate process is simple and easy. For example, California greenhouse operators who are Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E) customers can access incentives, on-bill financing, and GoGreen financing for energy-saving projects through the Agriculture Energy Savings Plan (AESAP) program.

Two tried-and-true ways to improve greenhouse energy performance are infrared (IR) film and thermal curtains. Did you know that polyethylene will allow up to 74% of radiation to go right through it unless a barrier is present? IR film is applied to new and existing greenhouses to reduce heat loss from radiation and reflect heat back into the greenhouse. Roofs are the source of 68% of greenhouse heat loss; greenhouse curtains are installed between the plant canopy and greenhouse roof to manage solar heat gain.

Greenhouse growers thinking about adding IR film or curtains can quickly calculate potential rebates by working with AESAP efficiency program implementer Energy Resources Integration. These technologies save 12% to 50% and can pay back in as little as two weeks, especially at facilities located in regions with colder nighttime temperatures and winter seasons.

New construction and retrofit projects can qualify for $0.02 to $0.04 per square foot of IR film and $0.50 per square foot of thermal curtains. For a 60,000 square foot curtain, a grower can expect an efficiency rebate of $30,000. For a 75,000 square foot application of IR film, a grower can expect $1,500 to $3,000.

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Photo caption: Curtains installed in a greenhouse; Photo: I-Hsin Orchids



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