How sustainable farming is paying off for Australian farmers

How sustainable farming is paying off for Australian farmers

The connection between a farmer and their land is unmatched. The land is a constant, withstanding generational change in personnel, methodology, and even land use. However, industrial agriculture — characterized by the use of heavy tillage, intensive monocropping, and excessive grazing — has resulted in the degradation of the very soils that sustain our food supply. 

Australian farmers, famous for both innovation and traditional knowledge, are slowly realizing their lifeblood is slipping from their grasp. As such, many of them are changing their practices as part of a revolution rooted in reason on the ground – not top-down government mandates.

Australia is renowned as a land of extremes, such as droughts and floods. But despite the often harsh conditions, agriculture is a key cog in the Australian export economy, with grazing livestock and cereal grain production being the two major pillars. 

With an abundance of open grassland, rich soil, and an extensive inland river system known as the Murray-Darling Basin, Australia is well-positioned for irrigated cropping and grazing. 

Tired of riding the fortunes of the weather, Australian farmers are increasingly turning to regenerative agriculture to sustain their land during periods of drought. 

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