Montera Techniek installs utilities at Luiten Nursery

Montera Techniek installs utilities at Luiten Nursery

A great project for Montera Techniek – a Bosman Van Zaal company. In the new construction of Luiten Kwekerij in the Netherlands, an experienced supplier of Mediterranean tub and patio plants, the team recently realised a comprehensive system of water and electrical installations. The new building covers an area of over 5 hectares and is dedicated to growing their Mediterranean plants.

For more than 50 years, Luiten Kwekerij has been a place where customers can find a diverse range of Mediterranean plants. Their plants are carefully selected from southern Europe and lovingly acclimatised at the nursery in Pijnacker, the Netherlands. From Olive trees to Palms, and Citrus to Yuccas; it's a tropical and colourful bunch!

Extensive water technology room

The new location has an extensive water technology room. This room ensures that all plants receive the right amount of water. This is partly controlled thanks to the ebb and flood floors, which are located across the entire surface of this greenhouse. In addition, the greenhouse also contains a sprinkler system and pad watering system. The residual water is then neatly collected. And doubly filtered. Thus, even the smallest amount of dirt is filtered out of the water.

Electrical installations

Electricity is the basis for powering and controlling the various systems. This is why the electrical installations are more than important. Next to the water-technical room, behind a large sliding door, is the boiler house, which houses various installations, many of which belong to third parties and have been electrically connected by the Bosman Van Zaal company Montera Techniek. Inside the greenhouse, there are installations such as ventilation and screen motors. 

Without light, you don't get very far either. That is why the company area, water area and boiler house are equipped with (emergency) lighting. On the outside, the loading docks and overhead doors are also fitted with exterior lighting. Above the cultivation floors, the work lighting can be switched on and off separately to allow work to continue during the dark days. Several access doors are equipped with access control that can be opened by means of an access code or tag.

Computer system

A computer system was supplied to control all water and electrical installations. The Ridder MultiMa to be precise. It is operated with control software called Synopta. A dashboard keeps track of everything. Various sensors and measuring cabinets have been installed for all this. The Meteo Pro weather station is one of them, and is located on the roof. It is an essential component for taking timely measures against extreme weather conditions.

All in all, this is a great project, for everyone in the project team of Montera Techniek. From Engineers to the Mechanics. Meanwhile, the plants are in the new building. Surely that is the most beautiful sight, when everything comes together!

Courtesy of Bosman van Zaal



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