6 types of greenhouse poly film coverings

6 types of greenhouse poly film coverings

Every grower strives to produce the best crop they can while keeping production costs to a minimum. The covering overhead is a major component, and when extras are added – anti-condensate, thermal capabilities, or bee compatibility – grower costs start to rise.

The product you choose has to fit your crop, polyethylene films offer the plants inside your greenhouse structure extended protection against harmful outdoor elements including wind, rain, snow, and persistent UV rays. Polyethylene film is a simple and cost-efficient solution to give your greenhouse the covering it needs. Below are some examples of films and what they each offer.

But light distribution, achieved through control of light diffusion, is often overlooked when discussing light quality for plants. Light quality should not only be thought of as light spectrum but also should include light diffusion. 

From sunlight to supplemental lighting, let’s take a look at light diffusion and which greenhouse film is best suited for your unique cultivation requirements. 

What is Light Diffusion?

What is Light Diffusion

Simply put, light diffusion is the scattering of light. It is photons bouncing around in all directions. In its most simple form, think about standing under a large outdoor shelter when the sun is highest in the sky. If there was no diffusion of light at all, it would be very bright outside the shelter but totally dark under the shade of it. The reason we can still see well in the shade is the natural diffusion of sunlight by our atmosphere. 

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