5 bucking machines to boost efficiency

5 bucking machines to boost efficiency

Cannabis bucking machines can dramatically increase the efficiency of the post-harvest process and reduce labor costs. When cultivators and processors integrate the right bucker into their operation, the machine can increase a company’s bottom line for years to come.

Certain types of operations are better suited to the bucking process than others, and it’s important for cultivators and processors to consider both their starting material and end goals before making a purchase. While most commercial bucking machines can process wet and dry flower, bucking works most efficiently and effectively with wet buds. Dry flowers are often too delicate to withstand bucking, even with simple bucking boards, and the process can damage the integrity of the bud if not performed properly.

While bucking is not always the ideal method to use for dry flower, the quality of some hemp and cannabis products can benefit from the terpene preservation achieved through mechanically bucking wet flower. Crops intended for fast freezing and extraction often produce higher quality end-products when they are processed mechanically with de-stemmers.

Cannabis equipment companies often design their products with a specific customer in mind, and many offer an abundance of high-performance customizations and variable speed controls to help cultivators get the most out of their machines. The bucking machines on the market today vary considerably in their price, throughput rates, customer support, portability, and integrative capabilities. Before making a purchase, cultivators should assess each of these factors to choose the machine that fits into their operation the best.

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