Why should schools embrace practical apps of VF?

Why should schools embrace practical apps of VF?

Vertical farming and hydroponics are innovative and sustainable agricultural methods that can be used in schools to teach about modern food production and environmental conservation. Serving as an excellent interdisciplinary educational tool for students of all ages, these methods allow for year-round crop production, water conservation, and waste reduction in comparison with traditional agriculture. Plus, students can connect more fully to the natural world through these programs.

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Schools can utilize vertical farming and hydroponics in a number of ways, from setting up a small classroom-based system to a full-scale school-wide operation. Some of the benefits of incorporating vertical farming and hydroponics into school curricula include:

  • Hands-on learning experiences - Students can participate in all aspects of the growing process, from seed selection to crop harvesting, all while learning about the science behind plant growth, nutrition, and water management.

  • Environmental awareness - Vertical farming and hydroponics allow students to understand the impact their choices have on the environment and engage with sustainable agriculture practices. By nurturing their connection with nature from a young age, students learn to respect their environment and be stewards of the planet.

  • Empowering voices of change - The process of growing, harvesting, and sharing food among peers nurtures a sense of responsibility to the students and their community, raising awareness about food security, food justice, and the importance of having equitable access to nutritious food.

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