Why humidity can make or break your greenhouse environment

Why humidity can make or break your greenhouse environment

The GLASE consortium’s 2023 Virtual Climate Controls Short Course, which consists of six two-hour modules presented over six weeks in January and February, is an educational series designed to delve into all aspects of climate controls in greenhouses and indoor farms. By the end of this virtual course, participants will be able to make informed decisions about selecting and using climate controls in their growing operations.

The third module, “Humidity Control Systems and VPD,” takes place on Thursday, Feb. 2. Humidity is one of the most difficult aspects of a greenhouse climate to regulate. Temperature and air pressure, along with vapor pressure deficit (VPD) and plant transpiration, influence the humidity of the air. Plant diseases, stress, and growth rate all depend on humidity. Learn the intricacies of controlling this fluctuating measurement in your climate to better control plant growth and health.

Three presentations will focus on:

  • Humidity and Vapor Pressure Deficit (VPD) Control in Greenhouse Production, presented by Ying Zhang of the University of Florida
  • Case Study of Humidity Control in Commercial Greenhouses, presented by A.J. Both of Rutgers University
  • Humidity Control Demonstration from Hoogendoorn

Click here to register for the virtual short course.

Source and Photo Courtesy of Greenhouse Grower



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