Henry Gordon-Smith to teach new course at Columbia

Henry Gordon-Smith to teach new course at Columbia
Photo: Henry Gordon-Smith, LinkedIn

Gordon Smith, Agritecture's CEO and co-founder, will be teaching a course titled 'Smart Agriculture for a Changing Climate'.

Henry Gordon-Smith, the founder and CEO of Agritecture, announced on his LinkedIn page that he will be a visiting professor at Columbia University. There, he will teach a class titled 'Smart Agriculture for a Changing Climate'.

Below is Gordon-Smith's announcement in full:

"I'm excited to start my new role as a lecturer at Columbia University! I will be teaching a brand new course on Climate Smart Agriculture where I will take students through a global assessment of the challenges agriculture faces from climate change and which smart (low and high-tech) solutions are being developed to adapt to this new normal.

If you have any case studies you suggest I cover with the students, let me know!

Course Overview: Smart Agriculture for a Changing Climate

Agriculture is at a pivotal point in addressing climate change, facing the dual challenge of being both a victim and a contributor to it. As other sectors reduce their carbon footprints, agriculture's emissions could rise without intervention. This sector must now embrace transformative actions, including regenerative practices and smart technologies, to adapt and mitigate climate impacts. This urgency was highlighted in global discussions, like at the COP28 meetings in the UAE, focusing on Climate Smart Agriculture (CSA) - an approach integrating cropland, livestock, forests, and fisheries to tackle food security and climate change.

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