Get in the know on greenhouse strawberries

Get in the know on greenhouse strawberries

Are you new to greenhouse strawberry growing? The Ohio State University’s online comprehensive learning opportunity for greenhouse strawberry production is back. The virtual course, which takes place Sept. 1-15 and is presented by Dr. Chieri Kubota & Mark Kroggel, will consist of previously recorded lectures covering basics on strawberry physiology and production practices in greenhouses. Topics include 1) cultivars, 2) transplants and flowering physiology, 3) crop schedule, 4) nutrient solution and rootzone management, 5) environmental conditions and benchmark yields, and 6) IPM and environmental disorders.

Students will be given two weeks (September 1-14) to complete all six lectures and quizzes, followed by an interactive live two-hour discussion session with instructors on September 15. Multiple live sessions will be scheduled to accommodate availability and time zones. Course participants will continue to have access to the materials until September 30. The course is most suitable for those who are new in controlled environment agriculture and interested in strawberry production under protected cultivation conditions.

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