First accredited medicinal cannabis cultivation course

First accredited medicinal cannabis cultivation course

AUSTRALIA - Ballarat's Federation TAFE will be the first campus in Australia to deliver nationally accredited training in medicinal cannabis cultivation and production.

Medicinal cannabis is growing in popularity as a treatment option for ailments including migraines, cancer-related symptoms, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis and chronic pain.

According to the federal government, medicinal cannabis can only be accessed through a medical professional, and those who use it require a standard prescription.

From this year the Ballarat technical college will offer a two-year accreditation, which it says will address workforce development requirements for the future.

Students will learn and be employed while undertaking the qualifications, gaining skills in controlled growing and licensed medicinal cannabis operations.

Australia's medicinal cannabis industry is worth more than $250 million, but Federation TAFE expects the industry to grow by a predicted 40 per cent each year for the next five years.

Modelling of the Victorian industry's future growth shows that by 2028 more than 250,000 patients will use medical cannabis, and the Victorian industry is expected to service between 30 to 50 per cent of nationwide demand for the product.

Training brings jobs

Federation University Australia provost Liam Sloan said holding the course in regional Victoria was pertinent.

"With a new qualification, what this results in is bringing job opportunities to regional Victoria," Mr Sloan said.

"It's a traineeship model where students will be working, earning and learning ... it's actually a real multiple-benefit.

"We know it's a growth industry, so there is a sustainable career there for these individuals."

In 2024 the TAFE will offer Certificates III, with Certificates IV to be available from 2025.

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