A school uses a Freight Farm for agri education

A school uses a Freight Farm for agri education

Lessons on the parts of seeds, plants, and flowers and their functions and on plant reproduction are intermixed with students being tasked with identifying careers around plant science.

 In Kentucky, Floyd County School of Innovation (FCSI) has launched an FFA program hinged on a Freight Farm. 

FCSI is a new school, born of a desire to give kids the opportunity to take control of their educational future by offering STEM pathways and career and technical education. The school operates on a unique opt-in, part-time model in which students from the surrounding schools can choose to apply to FCSI and then get bussed to the school for a few hours each day. The school opened its doors in 2020 to 80 students taught by three teachers. Now in its third year, FCSI has increased its staff to seven teachers and serves 200 students.

"I personally love the container farm and all of the learning opportunities that come with it. I like how the classroom isn’t the only place I have to learn from. I have learned valuable life skills in the container farm, such as having responsibility, taking action, and how to properly care for plants. My classmates and I all participate in working hard to make the container farm as successful as we possibly can. … It has shown me that the future of farming is heading in the right direction. I’m excited to see how the future of farming will significantly advance our way of living in a positive way".

- Payton Hansford, FCSI FFA Reporter

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Photo courtesy of Freight Farms



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