EasyFlow presented pilot circadian rhythm product

EasyFlow presented pilot circadian rhythm product

GERMANY - Energy expenses are one of the main cost components in the vertical farm operation. By using AI to tap into plant circadian rhythms, vertical farm owners may reduce electricity consumption by up to 27%, additionally simulating a more natural environment for plant growth.

EasyFlow presented their pilot circadian rhythm product titled EasyGrow at VertiFarm exhibition on September 27-29th in Dortmund, Germany.

The term circadian rhythm originates from the Latin phrase 'circa diem' ('around a day'). Human bodies operate around a 24-hour cycle, where our bodily functions align to the master clock in the brain, preparing the body for sleep or activating the digestive system during the usual time of meals.

And so do the plants. Linné's floral clock ensures that most flowers open during the day and close at night. By positioning their leaves upward during the day, many plants capture more sunlight throughout the day, repositioning them for the night cycle.

In scientific terms, the circadian clock regulates multiple pathways such as photosynthesis, seed germination, hypocotyl elongation, stomatal movement, flowering, and senescence. Light intensity and temperature are the main aspects of how plants react to their surroundings. When environmental conditions match the natural circadian rhythm of the plant, it can grow faster and avoid stress. According to EasyFlow calculations, a 10.000 m2 vertical farm growing romaine lettuce could shave off at least 1,08M Eur per year from their energy bill.

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Source: iGrow News


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