Royal Brinkman intensifies activities in China

Royal Brinkman intensifies activities in China

’s-Gravenzande, The Netherlands – To give further substance to the overall credo 'Local-for-Local', Royal Brinkman is currently setting up a local, Chinese organization in Shanghai. With the creation of Royal Brinkman China, the international horticultural supplier is now represented locally in 13 countries. The intensification of foreign activities is in line with Royal Brinkman's internationalization ambitions.

Royal Brinkman starts in China

Royal Brinkman has been active in China for many years from its headquarters in 's-Gravenzande, the Netherlands. With two Chinese-speaking colleagues, sales to China have grown significantly in recent years. Through its Chinese website and via WeChat, Royal Brinkman has strengthened its brand awareness in the Chinese horticultural market. There is a growing demand for Royal Brinkman's products and solutions.

Growing demand
Jan Schuttrups, commercial director of Royal Brinkman, says: "Chinese horticulture is growing rapidly and there is a growing demand for products, knowledge and specialisation. We already have short lines of communication with growers in China, but to build good long-term relationships, it is important to have a local presence and speak the language." Vincent van der Wilk, areamanager Royal Brinkman for the Asia region added: "For us, not only sales to China are important. China is also becoming an important country for our purchasing department."

The first step has been taken by setting up a branche (WFOE) and hiring three local employees. Maikel Dekker has been assigned as branch manager and will be physically present at the Shanghai location from January 2023. Maikel has been active in China for six years and speaks fluent English, Chinese as well as Dutch. In the coming months, the local sales and specialist team will be expanded to be able to visit growers more frequently and provide them with advice and technical service.
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Header Photo: The Royal Brinkman China team; from left to right Leo Lievaart, Vincent van der Wilk, Jan Schuttrups, Maikel Dekker and Beijia Zhang.

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Jan Schuttrups, commercial director Royal Brinkman;  



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