Horse feed company restricted by zoning laws?

Horse feed company restricted by zoning laws?

A recent article written by Jared Burden a member of the law firm GreeneHurlocker published in AgFunder news outlined how the zoning laws were restricting the development of vertical farms throughout the country as most of them were defined for a single use (residential, industrial…) thus making it impossible for most vertical farms to host their activities.

Recently, the Daily Republic, Mitchell, S.D. pointed out a case where zoning laws could potentially affect the development of indoor farming facilities. Indeed, a South Dakota company looking to produce indoor farming fodder in a vacant Mitchell Building but the city’s zoning codes lack specific sections for indoor crop production which led to the city council considering the first reading of an ordinance on November 7th that would allow the business to operate.

DGI Feeds, the company behind the project, would transform the vacant building into a 17,000 sqft fodder production facility.

“The ordinance is proposed to allow an indoor crop-growing business like DGI Feeds’ to be permitted use in highway business districts and transportation and warehousing-specific districts. A conditional use permit would be required for the type of business to operate in central business districts, according to the proposed ordinance.” As reported by The Daily Republic, Mitchell, S.D.

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