Gelderland province contributes to Breeding Accel

Gelderland province contributes to Breeding Accel

With the opening of a molecular lab in Schoneveld Breeding’s PlantXperience, the partners of collaborative Breeding Accel have created more clout. The granting of a POP3 application by the province of Gelderland is helping Breeding Accel, as an innovative knowledge platform, to make targeted and focused speed in the field of brand development in the floriculture sector.

Markers Molecular biologist Koen Pelgrom of Schoneveld Breeding explains. “Because of the grant, it is now possible to start running markers in the lab. With these, we can find landmarks on the DNA to track plant features during the breeding process. You can look at flower colour, for instance, but eventually also at more complex features such as disease resistance. Using markers, we give breeders a new tool to select for certain features more efficiently and faster. In addition, the joint lab allows Breeding Accel partners to exchange knowledge with protocol development.

Grant The equipment needed for marker research could be purchased thanks to the award of a POP3 grant from the province of Gelderland after a joint application by Fresh Forward and Schoneveld Breeding. The purchased equipment will be used by all partners within Breeding Accel.

Breeding Accel Breeding Accel was formed in 2014 and consists of KP Holland, Interplant Roses, Schoneveld Breeding, Sion Young Plants and Fresh Forward. It was recently joined by Royal Van Zanten. All partners face the same challenges, but all in different crops. By working together smartly, the companies can help each other further.

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Photo Courtesy of Schoneveld-Breeding



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