Yara Latest News: Introduces new biostimulant

Yara Latest News: Introduces new biostimulant
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YaraAmplix Launch: Yara International Introduces YaraAmplix, a new biostimulant brand.

Climate Change Impact: Addressing agricultural challenges due to rising global temperatures.

Biostimulant Benefits: Enhancing crop resilience and nutrient efficiency.

Regenerative Agriculture Focus: Contributing to climate, soil health, and biodiversity.

Global Rollout Plan: Initial release in China, Brazil, and France, followed by global expansion.

Yara’s Response to Climate Challenges in Agriculture

Global Rise in Temperatures: The increase in global temperatures has significantly impacted agriculture, posing risks to vital crops like maize, tomato, and wheat. Climate change has led to more extreme weather patterns, with land temperature rises being particularly severe. Yara’s launch of YaraAmplix at the Biostimulant World Congress in Milan is a direct response to these challenges​.

Introducing YaraAmplix: A New Era in Biostimulants

Product Development and Portfolio: Over the past five years, Yara has developed a diverse range of biostimulants, each with a unique formulation designed to stimulate plant metabolism and performance. The portfolio has experienced significant growth, expanding by over 50% annually since 2018. YaraAmplix, formulated with natural ingredients like seaweed and plant extracts, aims to enhance tolerance to environmental stresses, improve crop yield and quality, and boost nutrient use efficiency​.

Emphasizing Regenerative Agriculture

Sustainable and Profitable Farming: Yara’s approach emphasizes regenerative agriculture, focusing on climate, soil health, resource use, biodiversity, and prosperity. The company’s continuous investment in research and development supports the creation of innovative formulations for diverse crops and regions. YaraAmplix complements Yara’s existing fertilizer portfolio, providing a holistic crop nutrition solution​.

Scientific Validation and Trials: Yara conducts scientific and independent trials globally to validate the effectiveness of biostimulants under various conditions. Data from 2018 to 2020 indicate a significant average yield increase and a high success rate over control treatments​.

Future Plans and Impact

Reducing Food Loss and Greenhouse Gases: YaraAmplix plays a crucial role in reducing food loss due to climatic stresses while also contributing to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. The product is essential for maintaining the profitability and sustainability of farming operations, especially for crops at high risk due to extreme weather conditions​.

Global Commercial Rollout: The commercial introduction of YaraAmplix will begin in China, Brazil, and France by the end of 2023, followed by a broader rollout in 2024. This global expansion underscores Yara’s commitment to leading in the biostimulant market and supporting a nature-positive food future​.

Yara Latest News

Yara Unveils New Sustainable Packaging (2023/11/28)

Yara International ASA is committed to reducing the carbon footprint of its packaging materials by 40% by 2030 as part of its initiative to introduce sustainable packaging across Europe in 2023. This includes using at least 30% recycled plastic, designing for recycling, reducing plastic usage, and collaborating on collection and recycling schemes. Yara’s VP of Sustainability Governance emphasized the company’s dedication to reducing environmental impact and fostering a nature-positive food future.

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