Why peat harvest is heavily dependent on weather

Why peat harvest is heavily dependent on weather

In recent years, one of growers’ top concerns has been peat supply. The availability of peat moss, which is harvested from bogs largely concentrated in Canada and Europe, has fluctuated in recent years. Suppliers say it all depends on Mother Nature.

Many growers may hear rumors that there is a shortage of peat or that peat as a natural resource has been depleted. However, the experts say this is misleading. There is not a shortage of peat, but suppliers may have trouble meeting demand due to wet weather conditions.

Bob Bollinger, CEO of ASB Greenworld, says peat harvesting is highly dependent on the weather. The season can range from May through September, but the bulk of harvesting takes place June through August. If there are 90 days within a harvesting season, Bollinger says suppliers may only be able to harvest for 45 days.

It is not possible to harvest on many days because of various environmental factors. For example, Bollinger says peat cannot be harvested at night because of the dew on the ground. Certain moisture conditions on the ground and in the air could prevent the harvest. ASB Greenworld uses machines to vacuum a thin layer of peat moss off the ground. If the peat is wet, it is too heavy for the machines to pick it up.

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