TomaTech and Nirit Seeds continue as Harmoniz

TomaTech and Nirit Seeds continue as Harmoniz

Global greenhouse seeds developer Harmoniz is making its debut after concluding the legal processes of the merger of TomatoTech, a seed breeding company, and Nirit Seeds, developers of some of the most successful hybrid vegetable seeds in the market. The rebranded company leverages the companies' molecular biology and breeding technologies to create tomatoes of uncompromising quality. Harmoniz is debuting its new brand at Fruit Logistica 2023 in Berlin, which takes place between February 8th and February 10th.

Through the course of the past several months, Harmoniz has strengthened its position in the market by expanding its skill set. Harmoniz's long-term vision is to grow as a leading, innovative, agile company engaged in the development of greenhouse varieties that creates tasty, resilient, and long-lasting vegetables. While the focus has initially been on tomatoes and peppers, Harmoniz is working on expanding into the development of other crops, including innovative cucumber varieties.

The new name – Harmoniz – represents the values of both companies and emphasizes the harmony between people, advanced technologies, and breakthrough biology. It also symbolizes the company's ability to create harmony between its stakeholders – customers, business partners, vendors, employees, shareholders, and the global community at large. The company employs more than 80 people worldwide, including molecular biologists, breeders, and agronomists.

"Our mission is clear: to develop and sell vegetables that people love to consume and farmers like to grow while maintaining innovation, creativity and focus on the consumer at the end of the supply chain. We provide harmonies of flavors, technology, and innovation to consistently deliver a superior eating experience," said Ofer Ben-Zvi, CEO of Harmoniz.

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