The 'Baby Teeth' of plant development: Cotyledon leaves

The 'Baby Teeth' of plant development: Cotyledon leaves

The first leaves of a plant are an important part of the growing process. No matter how long you’ve been farming, there’s something special about seeing a plant sprout up and reach out to the world — almost shouting: “I’m ready to grow!” However, the first leaves to develop are especially important signs of growth. They may be small, but they’re more important than they may first appear.

Before the plant develops “true leaves” it grows Cotyledon leaves. These leaves play a very important role in plant development. In this blog, we’ll describe what these leaves are, why they’re so important, and some things to know about how these leaves play a key part in early plant development.

What Are Cotyledon Leaves?

Cotyledon leaves are the first leaves that can engage in photosynthesis, helping the plant develop during the early stages of growth. Unlike the later “true leaves” that will emerge as the plant matures, cotyledon leaves are embryonic structures that serve a crucial role in kickstarting the plant’s growth.

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