Sun Gro boosts its peat and coconut coir offerings

Sun Gro boosts its peat and coconut coir offerings

Sun Gro Horticulture, a North American manufacturer and distributor of growing media products, has finalized a deal to acquire Pelemix Mexico and Pelemix USA.

The company also announced that it has tapped Sun Gro’s Export Sales Vice President, Kirk Johanson, to lead the Pelemix Mexico, Central and South America, and Caribbean businesses. The Mexican operations, including their distribution facilities, will continue to be managed from their existing office in Guadalajara, Mexico. The Pelemix U.S. and Canadian operations will be integrated into Sun Gro’s existing organizational structure in both countries.

Sun Gro will continue to work collaboratively with Pelemix to leverage their global operations and source high-quality coir and finished products from the Pelemix facilities in Sri Lanka, India, and Thailand.

“Sun Gro Horticulture is an industry leader in growing media and growing media product innovation,” says Phil Jones, CEO of Sun Gro. “Similarly, Pelemix is a global leader in the coconut coir substrate markets. This acquisition will allow Sun Gro to expand is growing media offerings, adding coconut coir substrates, and expand its geographical footprint further into Mexico, Central and South America and the Caribbean to meet the growing needs of all our customers.”

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