Pros and cons of different growing mediums for cannabis

Pros and cons of different growing mediums for cannabis

From living soil to hydroponics, there are plenty of medium choices for cannabis cultivators.

Cultivators have no shortage of options when deciding where to bury their seeds, but each one comes with unique benefits and drawbacks. The growing medium, or media, is the substrate or substance that supports a plant’s root system and provides an environment for water, nutrients, and plant exudates to exchange. The cannabis plant can grow in almost any medium but prefers media that drains well, allowing for maximum air exchange in the root zone. Grow media can be a single ingredient or comprised of a blend of inputs depending on how the cultivator plans on feeding nutrients to the root system. 

The most common components of growing media include coco coir, rockwool, peat moss, water, compost, sand, silt, and clay. These ingredients are often split into two categories: soil and soilless components. Choosing which ingredients will work best depends not only on how nutrients are delivered to the root system but also on how much space and time a grower has available. 

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