Pop Vriend Seeds confirms resistance to Pe. 20 for spinach

Pop Vriend Seeds confirms resistance to Pe. 20 for spinach
Johan Rijk - Spinach Breeder Pop Vriend Seeds

On Monday 13 May, 2024, the International Working Group* in spinach (IWGP) has denominated a new race of the downy mildew pathogen (Peronospora effusa) on spinach: Pe.20. Many downy mildew isolates with the same new virulence pattern have been reported from Europe and the U.S. in 2023, prompting IWGP to denominate race Pe. 20. Seed breeding company Pop Vriend Seeds confirms that many of the varieties in its commercial program are resistant to Pe. 20. That means the crop quality remains as good as ever.

Mark Charlesworth, Product Manager Spinach at Pop Vriend Seeds states: “Spinach breeding is driven by disease resistance, so you have to be dynamic. Our strong focus on spinach allows us to respond super-fast. We are constantly monitoring and developing new resistances to our varieties. That way, we can offer our customers varieties that have the maximum resistance available in the market today.”

Spinach 365
Besides breeding varieties with maximum disease resistance, Pop Vriend Seeds also has a strong focus on having the best phenotypes. This resulted in a tailor-made spinach program: Spinach 365. Together with their customers, the specialists of Pop Vriend Seeds dive into the local challenges of growing spinach and develop a customized spinach program. This program consists of a series of varieties that produce uniformly thick, fork-sized, dark-green leaves with a long shelf life and good crunch. Johan Rijk, Spinach Breeder at Pop Vriend Seeds says: “We predicted the consumer demand for uniform high-quality spinach year-round many years ago. It encouraged us to develop our Spinach 365 solution, which we first launched in the United States and also implemented it in Italy, Spain, France, Germany, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom since then. Our Spinach 365 program covers all growing slots, which guarantees all partners in the vegetable value chain a stable supply. Our spinach varieties perform extremely well on horticultural value, which make them also very efficient to process and pack.”

For more information on the Pe. 20 resistance or Pop Vriend’s Spinach 365 program, the company encourages you to contact your local Pop Vriend sales representative or visit the website to access the up-to-date brochures: www.popvriendseeds.com/downloads

About Pop Vriend Seeds and KWS
Pop Vriend Seeds is a successful Dutch vegetable seed company, operating in over 100 countries worldwide. We focus on a limited number of crops, with the goal to be the best within those crops. We are a proud world leader in hybrid spinach and swiss chard seeds, a major player in bean seeds and we have a growing portfolio in red beet. Since 2019, we are a part of the KWS family. KWS is an European independent and family-owned company based in Germany that focuses on plant breeding for sugar beet, corn, cereals, oil and protein plants, sorghum, catch crops and vegetables. KWS Vegetables is the vegetable unit of KWS. It operates under the brand names KWS Vegetables for the fruity crops (cucumber, bell pepper, tomato, and (water)melon) and Pop Vriend Seeds for the open field crops (beans, spinach, swiss chard and red beet). | www.popvriendseeds.com

About IWGP

The International Working Group on Peronospora (IWGP) is continuously monitoring the appearance of strains of the pathogen that deviate in virulence from the known races. In this way, the IWGP aims to promote consistent and clear communication between public and private entities, such as the seed industry, growers, scientists, and other interested parties about all resistance-breaking races that are persistent enough to survive over several years, occur in a wide area, and cause a significant economic impact.



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