Production-ready seed and THCV to Canadian market

Production-ready seed and THCV to Canadian market

Phylos, a modern crop science company, has formed an innovation relationship with one of Canada’s leading producers of recreational cannabis and cannabis-derived products, Organigram Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Organigram Holdings Inc.

In this relationship, Phylos will provide process and technical expertise to enable the manufacture of production-ready first generation (“F1”) hybrid cannabis seeds in Canada and to accelerate the launch of products containing THCV, a rare and novel cannabinoid that is gaining popularity for its wellness, energy, and focus benefits.

“Across the industry, growers spend thousands of hours each year managing mother rooms and fighting pathogen outbreaks caused by dirty clones. We created production-ready seed to enable breeding of vigorous, uniform plants with intentionally selected, stable, and highly desirable qualities that today’s consumers seek,” says Ralph Risch, CEO of Phylos. “Organigram, like Phylos, believes that seed-based cultivation is the future of cannabis production. By converting their clonal propagation system to seed they expect to significantly reduce operating costs and continue to drive improved margins.”

Trial data suggests that compared to other seeds currently available on the market, Phylos Production-Ready Seed produces plants that rival those grown using a clonal production system. Results from multiple trials found that mature plants grown from Phylos’ Production-Ready Seed deliver yield, potency, terpene profiles, vigor, and phenotypic uniformity that is similar to or exceeds clonal-based plant production.

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