Moroccan farmers begin growing cannabis for medical use

Moroccan farmers begin growing cannabis for medical use

Authorities in Morocco announced on Sunday the official start of its first legal cannabis growing season, two years after the country’s parliament passed a law to regulate an already widespread activity.

The first batch of cannabis seeds, imported from Switzerland, was delivered to farmers and agricultural co-operatives in the northern provinces of Al Hoceima, Chefchaouen and Taounate.

Those who received the seeds had to sign receipts to keep track of the distributed quantities.

Last October, a Moroccan state agency began the process of issuing cannabis cultivation permits a year after the law was passed by parliament.

Cannabis, more commonly known as “keef” in Morocco, is already widely grown in the country illegally.

Authorities say that the new legal framework aims to improve farmers’ incomes and deter drug traffickers who smuggle cannabis to Europe.

However, the law that was issued by the Moroccan parliament in May 2021 only allows its cultivation for industrial, medical or export purposes and does not permit its recreational use.

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