Medical cannabis flower export from Colombia to Australia

Medical cannabis flower export from Colombia to Australia

Kelowna, BC, Canada – 2023 Allied Corp. ("Allied" or the “Company”) (OTC:ALID), a leading player in the international cannabis industry, is proud to announce the shipment of THC based medical cannabis flower from its cultivation and processing facilities located in Colombia. This export is a testament to the company’s ability to comply with one of the world’s most stringent quality standards set by the Australian Therapeutics Goods Association (TGA) and unwavering commitment to providing high-quality medical cannabis products worldwide.

The medical cannabis industry in Australia is experiencing substantial growth with an increased number of patients using cannabis to treat conditions like pain, anxiety and seizures, among others. The TGA Authorised Prescribers patient data reveals that there were 307,000 patients in the first half of 2023, versus 137,000 in the same period in 2022 (source: click link here). This remarkable rise in adoption underscores the country’s evolving healthcare landscape as it is set to become one of the largest markets for medical cannabis globally.

This commercial shipment into Australia marks a significant milestone for Allied as it continues to play a crucial role in addressing the diverse medical cannabis needs of patients and healthcare providers in the Australian market. The company is in fact seeking to grow its footprint within Australia and is in advanced negotiation with several distributors and off takers within that market.

“On the heels of the recent expansion of our commercial team, they have performed. We are excited for the team to continue to scale up sales activities internationally.” says Calum Hughes, CEO.

About Allied Corp.

Allied Corp. is an international cannabis company with its main production center in Colombia and is one of the few companies that has exported from Colombia internationally and the first company to export commercial cannabis flower from Colombia. By leveraging the Colombian advantages and its Canadian cannabis cultivation expertise, Allied offers consistent supply of premium cannabis product at scale and attractive prices, while meeting high quality standards, thus significantly de-risking its partners supply chain.

Source: The NewsWire

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