Greenhouse weather station contributes to an optimal climate

Greenhouse weather station contributes to an optimal climate

A weather station is a vital part of the climate control and process automation of a greenhouse. Weather conditions outside the greenhouse have an immediate and significant effect on what happens inside the greenhouse - including the climate conditions. This in turn affects what growers need to do to support optimal crop cultivation.

This blog outlines the standard, and more advanced measurements that weather stations monitor, and how they can be used to optimise the conditions in the greenhouse, and maximise results.

What is a weather station and how does it contribute to an optimal climate?
Every grower knows that the climate conditions in their greenhouse are vital to plant cultivation. But what’s equally as important is understanding and anticipating the outside climate and weather conditions. This informs what action growers need to take to support their plants and maintain an ideal greenhouse climate.
A weather station takes various, accurate, and real time readings of weather conditions outside the greenhouse. The standard measurements are wind speed, wind direction, rain detection, temperature and radiation. All these factors have a direct effect on how the climate in the greenhouse behaves.
For example, a lot of radiation from the sun for example increases the temperature in the greenhouse, which increases the plant photosynthesis, transpiration and overall plant activity. That’s why radiation measurement is one of the most important weather station measurements for plant growth.

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