Forteco Optimum: new generation coco substrate

Forteco Optimum: new generation coco substrate

Van der Knaap Groep introduces Forteco Optimum: coco substrate with a high air-holding capacity. Thanks to a recently developed production process that uses the entire husk to produce a high quality substrate, they are now able to produce a unique product at Van der Knaap's own production sites.

New production process
Two years ago Van der Knaap team started developing a production process that could produce a new type of coco. This new production process optimally uses all of the coconut husk to create a special coir with unique properties.

The current standard coir is a by-product of the fibre industry and its availability depends on the demand for fibres. In other words, any changes to the demand for coconut fibre have an immediate impact on the coir supply. As they have integrated production into Van der Knaap's in-house processes, they can now produce coir year-round. And they can respond even better to quality parameters such as the sieve fraction (size and quantity of fibres and fine particles), air content, water absorption capacity and amount of readily available water.

Unique properties
The new and improved production process makes Forteco Optimum a raw material suitable for potting soils as well as a coco substrate with a unique composition. Forteco Optimum is currently undergoing extensive trials at our innovation centre ‘de Kas’. The initial findings and results are very promising.

When Forteco Optimum is used as a 100% coco substrate, its unique structure, consisting of coir and a high number of short fibres, make it a rapidly drying, airy and therefore an extremely easy to steer substrate.

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