Drying and curing are underrated

Drying and curing are underrated

When people talk about improving the quality of flower, the discussion is dominated by everything that happens before the harvest. Lighting, soil types, nutrients, pH, and a myriad of other inputs play a critical role in the development of a cannabis plant, but the quest for quality is far from over when the blade cuts through the stem on an outdoor farm in October. While it’s important to have healthy plants grown to their highest potential and potency, not putting enough planning and time into the post-harvest processes is a missed opportunity.

Cannabis Drying 101

The tried-and-true process cultivators have used for centuries is the hang-drying method. Freshly harvested cannabis plants are typically hung upside down from strings or wires in an environmentally controlled drying space with a humidity level near 62 percent until the buds are dry enough for processing. Deciding between dry trimming and wet trimming depends on many factors, with personal preference often leading the way. During the drying process, which can take up to two weeks, aromas and flavors intensify as the moisture dissipates. Drying also reduces the chance of fungal growth, which can occur quickly in moist buds left in a dark place without airflow.

According to the longtime cultivator, author, and educator Ed Rosenthal, “For buds to be proud of, think ‘low and slow.’ Drying and curing flowers takes time and patience, but the finished buds are worth the wait.”

When buds are dried too fast through the use of dehumidifiers to pull moisture out in a couple of days, the final product is usually lacking in flavor and aroma. While Rosenthal and many other experienced legacy cultivators believe patience is the path to success, others see time as a costly enemy they can overcome with the right technological solution.

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