Tomorrow's cultivation and breeding methods

Tomorrow's cultivation and breeding methods

'Next-level farming' and 'new food systems' are key cornerstones of sustainable nutrition in tomorrow's world

Messe Dortmund will be holding the second VertiFarm – the international trade show covering innovative, sustainable cultivation and breeding methods of the future – between 26 and 28 September 2023. This information event and buyer-meets-seller platform will focus on resource-saving healthy alternative foodstuffs produced through the application of controlled environment agriculture (CEA). Key enablers for moving cultivation towards CEA are next-level farming and new food systems which the event will cover compactly and in some depth.

Dortmund, 16 December 2022 – VertiFarm, the proven industry platform and international trade show for next-level farming and new food systems, is to be held between 26 and 28 September 2023 and will put the spotlight squarely on controlled environment agriculture (CEA). The urgency of a timely rethink on food production is underlined , among other things, by a recent government-commissioned report by the Commission on the Future of Agriculture which showed that ecological damage to the tune of 90 billion euros  is caused each year by agriculture in Germany alone. This is exacerbated by the speed of societal change, influenced by climate change, crop failures, supply chain bottlenecks, growing settlement as well as the increase in traffic and transport space. 

Sustainable solutions to critical challenges
Feeding the world's population and providing sustainable food for people in urban areas are among the most pressing challenges of our time. With VertiFarm, Messe Dortmund is giving CEA – a diversified system for sustainable food production – a major platform for presenting innovative approaches to next-level farming and new food systems. With space-saving, and in some cases soil-free, farming systems and by cultivating fish farming, insects, fungi, 'clean meat' and algae, these approaches can enable predictable crop planning, disruption-free supply chains, an improved waste footprint and minimisation of the high levels of greenhouse gases given off by the agricultural sector.  

International exhibitors covering a wide range of subject matter
VertiFarm 2023 is going to offer a comprehensive view of international market for controlled production systems and the cultivation of alternative, new foodstuffs and medicinal plants. Once again, a large number of exhibitors have already confirmed their stand bookings, in some cases ever larger than last time. Among these is Norwegian company Avisomo AS which offers a wide range of products for establishing plant factories and cultivation facilities using nutrient solutions (hydroponics). Swedish provider WIVID will be introducing itself as an expert in the development and production of energy-efficient surface-mounted luminaires. Also participating again will be Bosman van Zaal B.V. from the Netherlands, a specialist in plant production systems and also in ventilation and water treatment systems for the food, floriculture and pharmaceutical sectors. Germany's Menno Chemie-Vertrieb GmbH will be back in Dortmund showcasing its versatile expertise on hygiene management in plant production.

What exhibitors had to say about the maiden event in 2022
The statement by Johann Waldherr, Business Development Manager at Würth Elektronik eiSos GmbH & Co. KG, shows that even at the inaugural show VertiFarm positioned itself superbly from an international perspective: “You can see there's a big trade audience in attendance – everything you need in terms of innovation and technology for vertical farming. Young people in particular have been flocking in, bringing good ideas and perhaps just needing that extra push for their start-ups or manufacturing businesses. That's a big issue for us and for the whole industry right now.” Lutz Kaiser, Product Development Engineer at Roko Farming GmbH & Co KG also gave an enthusiastic response to the new show, saying: “You can feel there's a broad interest in holistic solution concepts such as our xFactory, and we've also been hearing a lot of favourable opinions from the other exhibitors at the show. We've been surprised to see how many international visitors there are. Trade audiences from different continents are coming together here.”

Become an exhibitor
Suppliers wishing to present their propositions at VertiFarm can click here for full information on stand bookings and the opportunity to register online:

Conceptual partnership
The Association for Vertical Farming (AVF) will continue in 2023 to assist as conceptual partner to this forward-looking trade show, contributing its technical expertise in sustainable, people-centred agriculture.

All key information, updates and developments concerning the show can be found on LinkedInFacebook and Instagram, on the show's website and via newsletter.


VertiFarm - International Trade Fair for Next Level Farming and New Food Systems 
With VertiFarm, Messe Dortmund is pulling together knowledge, technology, development and networking potential in a city that is one of Germany's key logistics hubs. The show is setting new standards for vertical farming in the presentation of new technologies, complex automation and integrated cultivation methods. Particularly in view of the challenges associated with urban sustainability, VertiFarm offers innovative approaches to distributed production – right there in conurbations. Messe Dortmund is using this show to present solution tactics and topic areas addressing global challenges such as crop failures, food supplements, supply security, energy efficiency and urban sustainability. In addition, VertiFarm also gives the industry a true sales show covering all stages of the vertical farming value chain.

26 - 28 September 2023

Conceptual Partner:
Association for Vertical Farming (AVF)

Event Organiser:
Messe Dortmund GmbH

Photo credit: VertiFarm



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