Cannabis plant nutrition

Cannabis plant nutrition

To efficiently grow cannabis, the plant requires three key nutrients — nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P) and potassium (K). Nitrogen is important for the proper development of foliage and proteins, phosphorus is crucial for flower, root and seed development and potassium is essential for overall plant health.

Since Cannabis tends to be a delicate plant, it requires different amounts of these essential macronutrients depending on its stage of development.

Dr. Shiv Reddy, a grower services specialist at SunGro Horticulture, explained how cannabis naturally interacts with nutrients.“It helps to know the physiology of cannabis so you can synchronize cannabis nutrition with its natural traits,” Reddy said. “For example, when you supply nutrients at a low but steady level, cannabis plants can remain small without any deficiency symptoms. When you supply nutrients at a high level, the same plant can shoot up to six feet. By adjusting the level of nutrients, you can grow your favorite strain of cannabis in any environment.”

Reddy shared that growers can utilize these nutrients to “guide feeding practices during cultivation” and recommended growers ask several questions when addressing cannabis nutrition.


Test the water to see if it is adequate for cannabis. Pro tip: tap water could already have nutrients, such as calcium or magnesium — great for growing cannabis.

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