Biodegradable surfactant for agri biologicals and agrochemicals

Biodegradable surfactant for agri biologicals and agrochemicals

Swansea – Bionema Group, a pioneering developer of sustainable biocontrol solutions for crop protection and plant health management, proudly announces a transformative breakthrough in the agricultural sector with the introduction of Soil-Jet® BSP100.

This revolutionary biodegradable surfactant is poised to redefine agriculture by enhancing the effectiveness of biologicals and agrochemicals while nurturing plant health and growth. Soil-Jet® BSP100, featuring patented Polyether-Modified Polysiloxane technology, is set to reshape irrigation and fertigation practices worldwide.

Dr. Minshad Ansari, CEO and founder of Bionema, expressed his excitement about this remarkable achievement, stating, "Soil-Jet® BSP100 represents a game-changing advancement in agriculture. It harnesses the power of biodegradable surfactants to optimize water and nutrient utilisation, combat soil water repellence and create an ideal environment for robust plant growth. This innovation perfectly aligns with our mission to promote biological solutions for sustainable agriculture practices while reducing the use of pesticides and fertilisers, ultimately promoting healthier soil."

Field trials conducted in several countries demonstrate a 20-30% increase in the efficacy of agricultural biologicals and agrochemicals compared to existing products.

Soil-Jet BSP100 is meticulously designed for agriculture, horticulture, sports turf amenity, and forestry, offering improved efficacy for agricultural biological products and agrochemicals by enhancing deposition, adhesion, and retention on soil and plant leaves, resulting in increased efficiency.

Key Benefits of Soil-Jet® BSP100:

  1. Optimises water and nutrient use in irrigation for resource efficiency.
  2. Addresses soil water repellence, reducing runoff, erosion, and nutrient loss.
  3. Accelerates water penetration, improving moisture distribution in the root zone.
  4. Enhances water distribution, ensuring consistent moisture and increased nutrient availability.
  5. Maintains stable soil moisture, fostering robust plant growth.

For optimal results, apply Soil-Jet® BSP100 at a rate ranging from 1 to 2 litres per hectare (L/ha) across various crops, including vegetables, grapes, fruits, turf, ornamentals, and more. It is advisable to repeat applications at intervals of at least 10 days, up to a maximum of 6 times per growing season, while adhering to regular irrigation practices between application cycles.



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