7 soil test kits for growers of all types

7 soil test kits for growers of all types

Cannabis plants require the right mix of light, air, water, and nutrients to reach their potential, and maintaining a clean and robust soil base is one of the best ways to ensure these needs are met. But unless you have an accurate soil tester, you’ll be relying on your best guess to determine if your plants are set to thrive with the pH and nutrient levels you’ve provided in your soil.

Luckily, you can find soil testing kits with a variety of features capable of providing actionable insights about your soil’s content. To build our final list of soil testing kits, we polled a handful of commercial cannabis growers to find what they use on their farms and recommend to their friends looking for the best soil pH tester for home grow applications.

Soil testing methods

Commercial cultivators and home growers have many options to test their soil. Popular soil testing methods include pH test strips, liquid pH kits, meters like the popular Hanna pH Meter, analog probes, chemical tests, mail-in tests, and even smartphone apps that help analyze soil chemistry with the aid of an iPhone or Android device. Some tests also include moisture meters to help cross-check your soil’s health.

We’ve rounded up a diverse list of eight industry favorites, breaking down what makes each soil tester unique and a potential contender for your farm or grow room. While all the testing kits we’ve listed provide pH results, many higher-priced options work like comprehensive soil kits with detailed information on moisture, temperature, nutrients, pathogens, and insects.

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