12 best greenhouse vegetables to grow in the winter

12 best greenhouse vegetables to grow in the winter

Growing vegetables in a greenhouse during winter can extend the production of cool-weather crops. As long as you can keep your greenhouse from dropping below temperatures where the plants you're growing are hardy, you'll be able to enjoy fresh vegetables long after the same crops would stop producing if they were growing outdoors without protection from the elements.

It's important to have realistic expectations for wintertime greenhouse gardening. You won't to able to produce vegetables that require a lot of sun and heat (such as tomatoes, eggplants, peppers, etc.) in an ordinary greenhouse over the winter, but you absolutely can grow - and harvest - quite a few cool-season veggies this way.

Best Greenhouse Vegetables to Grow in Winter

When growing cool weather vegetables in a greenhouse, your goal should be to keep the temperature above (or as close to) freezing as possible. The frost-resistant vegetables listed below can tolerate temperatures at - or even slightly below - freezing.

  • Broccoli - Start your broccoli plants in fall, then keep them going all winter in your greenhouse so you can enjoy fresh broccoli during the coldest months of the year.
  • Broad beans - Also known as fava beans, broad beans - unlike other beans - are cool-weather crops. Start them prior to first frost and keep them growing over winter for an early spring harvest.
  • Cabbage - Cabbage is a great candidate to grow in winter greenhouses. It thrives in conditions as low as 27°F, and the cover of a greenhouse will continue to protect it from pests when spring arrives.
  • Carrots - Carrots do well in temperatures as low as 20°F, so you can actually alternate them between outdoors and your greenhouse depending on the weather forecast.
  • Cauliflower - Cauliflower grows well when it's cold (as low as 25°F), and it even tastes better after at least a light frost. Growing cauliflower in a greenhouse means you can enjoy it all winter.
  • Green peas - Cool weather peas - which all green peas are - will keep growing when temps stay above 40°F and will survive light frosts. So, they're great candidates for winter greenhouse growing.
  • Kale - Kale is extremely cold hardy, so you really only need to put it in a greenhouse if you frequently get temps below freezing. It'll do great even in cold and drafty greenhouses that dip down to well below freezing.

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Photo by Giorgio Trovato on Unsplash



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