New biosolutions for the CEA industry for 2023

New biosolutions for the CEA industry for 2023

This is an exciting time for the biosolutions industry. What was once a novel concept is becoming a more common practice in greenhouses. As seen at the recent BioSolutions Conference and Expo in Reno, NV, biosolutions are gaining traction fast.

Many new products are coming to the market, and there are updates in labeling for current products. Greenhouse Grower reached out to suppliers to hear more about their new products and labeling updates.

BioWorks (Dr. Michael Brownbridge, Biological Program Manager, Disease Control Management)

BioWorks is launching a new formulation of its popular product, BotryStop. BotryStop WP became available on Jan. 10.

BotryStop WP allows growers to bring a new mode of action (MOA) into its botrytis management programs. Reformulated so it can be stored at room temperature and is easier to prepare and apply, this biofungicide will suppress botrytis on indoor and outdoor crops and can be used in organic and conventional production. The new formulation label has also been expanded to include bacterial leaf spot (Xanthomonas sp.), and wording allows use on a broader range of crops. With proven efficacy against botrytis on ornamental, nursery, food, and medicinal crops, BotryStop WP is a valuable tool and rotational partner for resistance management.

Labeling updates:

  1. U.S.:
    1. BotryStop WP registration (Not registered in California)
    2. MilStop – Addition of Flowering Plants
  2. Canada:
    1. MilStop: on Nov. 22, addition of greenhouse use to the cucurbits crop group and expanded uses in the herbs and spices group
    2. SuffOil-X: in July, addition of greenhouse use on strawberries and expanded uses in two crop groups, root and tuber vegetables, and herbs and spices
    3. RootShield HC: in January 2022, addition of bushberries to the label and expanded uses in the herbs and spices group
    4. RootShield Plus WP: in April 2022, addition of the expanded herbs and spices crop group

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Photo: Groundwork BioAg



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