Knowledge transfer brings good results in India

Knowledge transfer brings good results in India

The East West Seed Knowledge Transfer Foundation (EWS-KT) in which Koppert Foundation participates has had good results in treating bacterial wilt in tomatoes in India. The Centre of Excellence in Orissa, India, reports that trials showed that Koppert’s biological strategy achieved more successful results than conventional farmers’ practices in the region.

Bacterial wilt leads to substantial yield and income losses for tomato growers, and conventional chemical control methods are usually inadequate for controlling the disease. The trials were carried out in the Monsoon season when the disease is most severe. Farmers practices in this region of India include treatments with lime, copper and different synthetic fungicides. The Koppert strategy consisted of disinfecting the soil with Veni Goklean and recolonizing the soil with beneficial microorganisms present in Vici Routz.

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Photo by Dani California on Unsplash



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