Cerall: 100% biological seed treatment against fungal diseases

Cerall: 100% biological seed treatment against fungal diseases

Koppert is the only company in Europe to offer a powerful biological (microbial) solution against seed-borne fungal diseases in cereal crops: Cerall. This seed treatment not only protects seeds against diseases such as Fusarium and Tilletia caries (common bunt), but also supports the growth and development of young cereal crops up to the fifth-leaf stage.

How exactly did this 100% organic product come about? How does this special formulation work? And how easy is Cerall to use?

Researched and discovered in Sweden

The origin of Cerall lies at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, where the first preliminary tests were carried out. Here, researchers isolated no fewer than 400 bacterial strains from the roots of wild and cultivated plants. They then screened these strains for their activity against the common fungal diseases Tilletia caries (common bunt, or wheat stone burn) and Pyrenophora teres (net blotch, or net blotch disease) during greenhouse and field trials. One particular bacterial strain came out of the tests as the strongest and most reliable: Pseudomonas chlororaphis MA342 which was extracted from the roots of wild crowberry.

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