Bioworks introduces EpiShield

Bioworks introduces EpiShield

BioWorks' new product delivers a 53% higher mortality rate on mites and aphids.

BioWorks has introduced EpiShield, a miticide and insecticide based on a proprietary blend of essential oils that is formulated for grower ease of use. For example, to treat 500 gallons of diluted solution, a grower needs just 1/3 gallon of EpiShield vs. 5 gallons of other comparable products. EpiShield is also exempt from REI or PHI restrictions, so growers never have to pause greenhouse production when mixing or spraying.

Delivering up to 53% higher mortality on mites and aphids than other similar products, EpiShield works on contact to generate pest paralysis, suffocation, and desiccation. An easy-to-use formulation combined with powerful efficacy adds up to healthier, more vibrant plants, a more successful greenhouse, and a stronger business.

According to BioWorks, EpiShield features benefits such as:

  • Lower oil content results in less chance of phytotoxicity
  • Delivers highest levels of mite and insect control in class with 45x less oil
  • 10x lower use rate to achieve equivalent efficacy to horticultural oils

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