WUR joins RED to advance research on young plants

WUR joins RED to advance research on young plants
Photo: RED Horticulture

Nantes – Wageningen University and RED Horticulture join forces to improve agricultural practices and prove the efficiency of dynamic spectrum on young plants. This new collaboration will be led by Pr. Leo MARCELIS (WUR) and Theoharis OUZOUNIS (RED Horticulture). First phase will be launched on December 2023 and will focus on tomato, pepper and cucumber.

Wageningen University, a global leader in agricultural research, and RED Horticulture, a cutting-edge startup specializing in greenhouse lighting and photobiology, forge a strategic partnership aimed at advancing research and innovation in optimizing young plant growth through dynamic spectrum lighting.

This collaboration combines Wageningen University's renowned expertise in agriculture and environmental sciences with RED Horticulture's innovative lighting solutions tailored for greenhouse environments. The focus of the partnership will be on harnessing the power of dynamic light spectrums to enhance the growth and development of young plants, tomato, cucumber and pepper.

This partnership will leverage two experts on plant photobiology and greenhouse horticulture from WUR Leo Marcelis, Professor and Associate Professor Ep Heuvelink. The partnership is set to focus on cutting-edge research regarding the impact of dynamic light strategies on young plants.

Our own Chief Scientific Officer (CSO), Theoharis Ouzounis, will lead trials from RED Horticulture. Key Highlights of the partnership:

Dynamic spectrum technology: together, we will explore the potential of dynamic spectrum lighting to optimize the growth and development of young plants in controlled environments. This innovative approach promises to enhance crop speed, quality and resource efficiency.

Young Plants: Theoharis, Leo and Ep will lead the trials in the state-of-the-art facilities at WUR. These trials will provide invaluable insights into the impact of dynamic spectrum lighting on tomato, cucumber and pepper young plants, setting the stage for future advancements in horticulture.

Sustainability Focus: our joint efforts align with the shared commitment to sustainability.

Wageningen University, known for its commitment to groundbreaking research and sustainability, brings a wealth of knowledge and academic excellence to the partnership. RED Horticulture, as a startup dedicated to pushing the boundaries of greenhouse lighting technology, offers specialized expertise in creating dynamic lighting solutions that cater specifically to the needs of plants in controlled environments.

The collaboration will involve joint research projects, knowledge exchange, and the development of novel lighting technologies that optimize the growth conditions for young plants. By leveraging Wageningen University's research capabilities and RED Horticulture's technological innovations, the partnership aims to make significant strides in advancing the field of greenhouse lighting and photobiology.

"We are excited to embark on this partnership with Wageningen University", said Yassine EL QOMRI, President at RED Horticulture, "By combining our expertise in lighting technology with the university's extensive research capabilities, we believe we can make significant advancements in optimizing young plant growth, contributing to more sustainable and efficient agricultural practices.This partnership exemplifies the shared commitment of Wageningen University and RED Horticulture to driving innovation in agriculture and addressing the global challenges facing the industry.”


Léo MARCELIS holds a chair position at Wageningen University, where he teaches Horticulture and Product Physiology. Leo Marcelis, Professor at Wageningen University: “LED lights can exert profound effects on the growth and quality of plants”, said Leo, “Initially, the light intensity and spectrum of LEDs was kept constant during cultivation. However, it is now opportune to delve into the possibilities of dynamically adjusting lighting strategies. We have joined forces with RED Horticulture, a dynamic LED lighting company, to investigate the impact of these lighting strategies on the production of young plants.”

About Theoharis OUZOUNIS

Haris has been active in the Controlled Environment Agriculture and lighting industry for many years. He did his postdoc at Wageningen University and made a name for himself in the world of horticulture by working with companies such as Aerofarms and Fluence. Recently, he joined RED Horticulture team as Chief Scientific Officer, driven by the desire to demonstrate the extraordinary potential of the completely dynamic spectrum through robust experiments, across numerous varieties.

He took the lead of the R&D department at The Photobiology and Agronomic Research Center six month ago.

The Chief Scientific Officer Theoharis, who made his post-doc at Wageningen University, looks forward to making new discoveries and proving the efficacy of true dynamic spectrum on young plants : « RED's fixtures embody a dynamic approach, providing tuneable spectrum and intensity options that empower LED research to attain unprecedented heights. These dynamic methodologies are instrumental in identifying challenges and offering tailored solutions for various stages of development, diverse crops and varieties, different environments, and fluctuating seasons—all while maintaining an energy-saving mindset. »

About Wageningen University

Wageningen University & Research (WUR) is a renowned institution of higher education located in the Netherlands, at the forefront of innovation in the fields of agriculture, food research, and the environment. Established in 1918, Wageningen University & Research has gained a global reputation for its commitment to cutting-edge research and sustainability-focused education.

WUR distinguishes itself through its integrated approach to global challenges related to food, agriculture, and the environment. As a pioneer in the agri-food sector, the university strives to address the complex challenges our planet faces, including food security, climate change, and sustainable natural resource management.

Beyond the classrooms, WUR provides a dynamic research environment where students have the opportunity to collaborate with seasoned researchers on innovative projects.

About RED Horticulture

RED Horticulture’s mission is changing the industry of lighting for greenhouses by working on the 3 pillars of plant cultivation: yield, quality & energy consumption. Alongside its scalable hardware solution, RED supports growers, breeders and researchers with unique photobiology knowledge to secure more profitability in their operations. www.horticulture.red/en/



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