Van der Ende Group partners with LTC Naaldwijk

Van der Ende Group partners with LTC Naaldwijk

For years, Van der Ende Group and LTC Naaldwijk have been loyal partners. Thanks in part to the support of Van der Ende Group, LTC Naaldwijk has developed into the thriving and growing tennis and padel club it is today, with over 1,600 members, nearly 300 of whom are youth members. It is a meeting place for young and old, for tennis and padel players, for recreational players, and top athletes alike.

We are proud to announce that Van der Ende Group will be partnering with the Eredivisie Mixed Team of LTC Naaldwijk for the next two years. In May and June, the team will compete for the national championship of the Netherlands under the name Van der Ende Group LTC Naaldwijk. With Dutch champion Suzan Lamens, Michaëlla Krajicek, Eva Vedder, Jelle Sels, Pieter de Lange, and Brian Bozemoj, the team once again has a strong recognizable national and regional presence.

Van der Ende Group, as an innovator, producer, and supplier of technical solutions in the fields of climate, water, fluid, and filtration technology, is among the top in its segment. LTC Naaldwijk, as a club that is among the top in the Netherlands, is a perfect match. Together, we confidently build a bright future. Partners who provide talents the opportunity to develop and achieve their dreams!



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