Koppert and Fresh Energy forge partnership

Koppert and Fresh Energy forge partnership

Berkel en Rodenrijs, The Netherlands – Koppert has signed a contract with Egyptian agricultural company Fresh Energy. The agreement, signed by Boaz Oosthoek, Business Unit Manager Middle East Africa at Koppert, and Mohamed Mohab, CEO of Fresh Energy, marks the beginning of several Integrated Pest Management (IPM) programs to be implemented.

Egypt, renowned as Africa's largest horticultural producer, plays a pivotal role in the global fruits and vegetables market. Both Fresh Energy and Koppert share a vision of fostering healthy and sustainable food systems, with a strong commitment to enhancing food safety standards. 

Mr. Ayman Youssef, Managing Director of Fresh Energy, expressed his enthusiasm about the partnership. "We are always looking to collaborate with reputable and innovative companies for long-term cooperations to meet our clients' demands. With Koppert, we are confident that we can reduce Minimum Residue Levels (MRL), boost yield volumes, and improve the quality of our end products," said Youssef. 

Yassin Lahiani, Koppert’s Area Manager, also expressed pride in the new collaboration. "We are delighted to partner with Egypt’s Fresh Energy. Koppert has been striving for many years to establish a presence in Egypt. This is just the beginning, and we see a multitude of opportunities for growth and development in the long term," said Lahiani. 

This partnership underscores Koppert and Fresh Energy's dedication to advancing agricultural practices in Egypt, ensuring sustainable production and higher food safety standards for consumers. The initial phase of the project sets a promising foundation for a fruitful and impactful collaboration. 



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