DFG enters into partnership with Greenhouse Sustainability

DFG enters into partnership with Greenhouse Sustainability
From left to right: Rick van der Linden and Henri Potze from Greenhouse Sustainability, Marcel Zandvliet and Iris de Waal from Dutch Flower Group

Dutch Flower Group (DFG) will be using the Flori Footprint Tool developed by Greenhouse Sustainability to gain a reliable overview of the environmental impact of its products.

This will enable DFG, in full keeping with the recently established FloriPEFCR standardised method, to document footprints throughout its entire chain, a necessary part of the DFG commitment to the Science Based Target Initiative (SBTi). By using the Greenhouse Sustainability tool for its companies, DFG can carry out more measurements with suppliers and customers and use the results to achieve reductions. Moreover, DFG can use these measurements and resulting reductions for CSRD reporting. Marcel Zandvliet, Chief Sustainability Officer at DFG, explains, “The Flori Footprint Tool will help us to further increase the knowledge level within DFG companies, as well as to gain an even better overview of the actual environmental impact of our products and possibilities to reduce this impact throughout the chain.”

In recent years, DFG has acquired considerable knowledge and experience with analysing the large flows of flowers and plants and corresponding footprints, and is now conducting a more in-depth investigation into the underlying chains for specific growers and customers.

Flori Footprint Tool

“We are pleased to officially announce our partnership with Dutch Flower Group,” says Director Henri Potze of Greenhouse Sustainability. “The fact that DFG and its companies will be using the Flori Footprint Tool chain portal will set into motion a positive change.”

In the chain portal, customer-specific supply chains can be classified according to the FloriPEFCR. For every chain, this offers insight into which aspects should be the focus in terms of sustainability. It is also a user-friendly method for gaining Scope 3 insight for purposes of CSRD reporting and SBTi.

Greenhouse Sustainability originated from Benefits of Nature, started ten years ago to analyse the environmental impact (footprint) of the horticultural chain. A year and a half ago, Greenhouse Sustainability (in partnership with Simparo) launched the Flori Footprint Tool to enable growers to personally calculate the footprint of their company and products based on the FloriPEFCR. The next step is to provide transparency into the rest of the chain. Henri Potze comments, “The fact that Dutch Flower Group is now going to be using the Flori Footprint Tool chain portal where possible is a fantastic milestone that brings us one step closer to achieving our goal.”



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