Van der Ende Groep receives CO2 Performance Ladder certificate

Van der Ende Groep receives CO2 Performance Ladder certificate

Sustainability is extremely important to Van der Ende Groep. Our products are closely aligned with this approach, and we also aim to ensure that our operations as a business are conducted responsibly and sustainably. We have therefore set ourselves a target of reducing our carbon emissions by at least 20% within the next four years: that is, by 2025.

CO2 Performance Ladder as the guiding principle

The CO₂ Performance Ladder is a sustainability instrument used in the Netherlands to help businesses and public authorities in reducing carbon emissions and costs: within their organisation, their projects and the value chain. The Ladder serves as both a CO₂ management system and a green procurement instrument. To achieve our target, it was therefore important to gain insight into our current carbon emissions. For this, we successfully applied the CO2 Performance Ladder management system, which is the guiding principle in this process. This approach was developed by the Foundation for Climate Friendly Procurement and Business (Stichting Klimaatvriendelijk Aanbesteden & Ondernemen, SKAO).

The certificate we received is at Level 3 of the CO2 Performance Ladder. This level means that we are transparent about our carbon footprint, energy policy and reduction objectives. We also participate in a value chain initiative aligned with these objectives, and we describe the actions that we ourselves will be taking to achieve the 20% carbon reduction.

How large is our carbon footprint?

We determined our total footprint for 2022 within Enhold bv and found that it amounts to 602 tonnes of carbon. Of this, 289 tonnes comes from our offices and workshops, and 313 tonnes from projects. We aim to have reduced these emissions to less than 481 tonnes within four years.

Certificate awarded

We have accomplished the first steps, in any case, by determining our current carbon emissions, formulating a target supported by an action plan, and organising a value chain initiative that is aligned with carbon reduction and has a focus on sustainability. We are therefore proud to have been awarded the certificate for these first steps.



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