CEA advisors teams up for crop specific Strawberry Growtainers

20-01-2022    14:51   |    HortiBiz

CEA Advisors, manufacturers of The Growtainer and Parus-Europe are pleased to announce that they have finalized a strategic alliance to collaborate on the optimization and global sales of their state-of-the- art Co-branded hydroponic Strawberry Production System for research and/or young plant production.

After years of research and development, this proprietary multi-level crop specific system has achieved a substantially higher yield and has proven the viability and economic potential of strawberry production in a controlled environment. The system includes a proprietary moveable multi-level hydroponic gutter system, crop specific climate control, a perfected LED environment with optimized wavelength and intensity, a proprietary fertigation system or a standard Growrack system for young plant production.

Dongho Park, President of Parus has been developing strawberry production systems and commercially growing strawberries in Korea for many years and has done substantial R & D to perfect the system. Parus- Europe has worked with some of Holland’s top soft fruit producers on various research and production projects since 2018. Sandro van Kouteren, CEO of Parus-Europe and Glenn Behrman of CEA Advisors have collaborated on various successful Vertical Farming projects in the EU since 2015 and are excited for the opportunity to bring year-round economically viable controlled environment strawberry production to their international clients.

Using the Parus growing technology, Parus-Europe and CEA Advisors will continue to improve the viability and economic potential of large-scale, indoor strawberry production with the goal of developing ecologically sustainable growing methods for the future. The first plug and play strawberry Growtainers® are available for pre-order now and will begin shipping in 2022.

Glenn Behrman said: “It’s very exciting to work with Parus and Parus-Europe, with their many years of hands-on strawberry experience. Combined with our Growtainer® expertise, we have developed the platform to produce delicious berries 12 months a year. We know that this synergistic relationship will provide research opportunities and young plant production capabilities which will enable our clients to deliver a stable supply of fresh, tasty, and healthy strawberries worldwide, year-round"

For more information: gb@cea-advisors.com or sandro@parus-europe.com

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