World's first "Grow as a Service" precision operation

World's first Grow as a Service precision operation

PharmCloud™ facility is the first ever to deploy EwE™ technology that brings the highest quality, most consistent and customizable cannabis crops to brands, academic and research organizations, pharmaceutical companies, and the nutraceutical industry.

PharmCloud™ today formally introduced their commercial state-of-the-art indoor cultivation facility which leverages the most advanced and automated horticulture technologies and science to deliver consistently pure, customizable cannabis crops, available in small to large quantities for a variety of applications.

Located in Tulsa, Oklahoma with an amazing support of local investors, PharmCloud's premise includes propagation lab, vertical cultivation space, automated precision horticulture capabilities, sensor-based closed-loop management, and more. With a fundamental commitment to Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG), the company is bringing clean, green and high tech job opportunities to the community, as "Cloud One," the first in a planned series of similar facilities in the US and globally.

The company also launched the world's first "Grow as a Service™" offering, which gives cannabis consumer brands, academic and pharmaceutical researchers, and supplement, food, and beverages companies in the nutraceutical industry access to their own bespoke crops, which are cultivated, grown, and harvested within the PharmCloud operation.

"We are applying industry 4.0 revolution technologies to the global cannabis industry using automated and autonomous cultivation techniques," said Dr. Yaron Penn, Co-Founder and Board member, PharmCloud. "Our proprietary technology includes full stack edge computing that is connected to dozens of sensors that control small or large batches of uniquely grown plants within a closed loop vertical farming operation. This enables consistently superior cannabis with chemical profiles which our AI platform monitors and controls 24/7."

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