5 steps to cannabis curing success

5 steps to cannabis curing success

For many growers, drying their cannabis crop signals the end of the production cycle. But some cultivators like to sweeten the pot by adding one last step to the post-harvest process: curing.

Curing is a process that evenly distributes moisture throughout the flower and accentuates its unique aromas and characteristics. Like tobacco, curing cannabis ensures the end consumer an enjoyable and smooth smoking experience.

Growers familiar with the process agree it is as much an art as a science. But not all growers cure their product due to the time, space, and attention required, whereas others don’t see the value. Business owners want to sell their products as soon as possible, and watching inventory sit for several months can be anxiety-inducing.

Furthermore, if the curing process isn’t done correctly, growers risk ruining the entire batch.

If you’re new to the curing game, follow these five steps for perfecting your precious harvest:

Step 1: Dry your crop slowly but sufficiently. Remember the 60s (60 to 65°Fahrenheit and 60 to 65% relative humidity). Curing won’t do much to fix cannabis flowers whose terpenes have been lost due to high temperatures or overly dry conditions. Most growers use the snap test to determine when the drying process is complete; if pressure is applied to flower stems, they snap instead of bend.

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