Water's journey: Inside a hydroponic container farm

Water's journey: Inside a hydroponic container farm

Water savings is one of the biggest benefits of growing crops inside a hydroponic container farm. While we’ve written about how growing with hydroponic methods can cut water usage, we haven’t described how water flows through the system, or explained the details of how hydroponics can achieve stellar water savings.

In this blog, we’ll describe the journey that water takes through a hydroponic system like ours, from the second it enters the unit to the minute it exits.

We’ll describe how different components work together, ensuring that the water supply flows through the system to provide every part of the unit with a refreshing nutrient solution.  If you’ve ever been curious about seeing how a hydroponic system works, this is the blog for you.

The Journey Begins

Our campaign begins with a typical garden hose. Just like how you’d use a garden hose to water a soil-based garden, a hose is the first step to providing your container farm with water. There’s a spot at the back of the container that attaches to the hose, with a valve to change the flow’s intensity.

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