The real reason why vertical farms are failing

The real reason why vertical farms are failing

I thought I would add to the conversation and put my spin on things. After all, I have worked at a number of farms in a number of different capacities. Along with vertical farming, my background is in the produce industry with an understanding of the market and dealing with chain accounts.

This question seems to be brought up on here all the time. The industry is taking a hit at the moment due to some larger farms closing or restructuring. Restructuring really means we screwed up and we need to fix this fast. The people taking the hit are actually the smaller farms looking for investment. The free spending has finally caught up to reality.

There are a number of reasons. It's not employees wages or higher interest rates. Most vertical farming wages are good and if you didn't factor in probable changes in the future with higher electrical costs or rates .... what were you doing?

Continue reading Bob Legault's (President/CEO Vertical North Inc) on LinkedIn.

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